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Rustic Maryland Wedding at Rosewood Farms

While a good chunk of the year AKP is celebrating couples all throughout Pennsylvania, occasionally we do get opportunities to step outside our state and explore surrounding territory. One of the many frequently visited states in Maryland, since it is only a hop and skip away from PA. For Karly and Rick’s wedding, we are taking a journey over to Maryland for this Rustic Maryland Wedding at Rosewood Farms. Beautiful landscaping, stunning rustic charm, and good company all made for the most perfect wedding day.

Rosewood Farms

Rosewood Farms is a timeless and elegant wedding venue located in Elkton, MD. However, don’t let that fool you. Even though it carries a lot of elegance it is also a perfect blend of rustic charm. Rosewood Farms is a premier wedding venue that allows its couples to have a lux experience in the unique spaces that they have. This wide-open wedding venue gives you the perfect amount of space for just about any wedding day vision you’re having. Included when you book your wedding at Rosewood Farms is:

  • Two Event Barns
  • Two Prep Spaces
  • Indoor & Outdoor Event Location
  • 44-acre property
  • ADA Accessibility
  • Pet-Friendly
  • In-House Bar Service
  • and more!

To view more of the amenities included at Rosewood Farms, click here! You can fast forward and book your wedding day at Rosewood Farms by inquiring directly here!

Early Morning Prep

Before the start of the wedding day hecticness, Karly and her bridesmaids arrived at the bridal suite located at Rosewood Farms. In order to ensure that we are all on the same page, it’s important that you discuss this with your photographer and/or planner about start times. This is where your wedding timeline comes into play. If you’re working with a planner they of course will have created a timeline structure of your day. It’s important that if you have a wedding photographer as well, they too are on the same page in terms of timeliness. Your wedding timeline is essentially the bread and butter and makes sure that everything you want captured will be! Next to your wedding timeline, the most important thing is being prepped and ready beforehand.

Below are just a few simple tips to help you when it comes to wedding day morning prep:

Make Sure You’re Rested

Simple yet effective. Making sure you are well rested the night leading up to your wedding day is crucial! You want to make sure you are feeling (and looking) your best. So rather than spending all night partying and drinking, although this can be tempting. Try to head to bed at a reasonable time to you are bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for a day filled with activities, mingling, and maybe a few glasses of champagne.

Surround Yourself With A Support System

The morning of your wedding can be filled with a lot of back and forth. It happens to the best of us! In those moments it’s quick to become overwhelming and feel helpless. It’s important in moments like these (or even to prevent moments like these) that you have a good support system. Surround yourself with individuals who care about you. Who are there to support you and also be your own personal hype team! At the end of the day, it’s your day so you should surround yourself with others who make you feel just as special as you are.

Give Yourself Enough Time

I swear the last thing you want is to feel rushed during one of the most important moments of your life. Feeling rushed can lead to rushed thinking and rushed decision making which in the end can lead to outcomes we probably didn’t want. With trusty communication and your wedding timeline, you should ensure that you are giving yourself enough time to get ready. Please, whatever you do, don’t book haircut and nail appointments on the morning of your wedding. This can lead to appointments falling behind and you being late which ends up pushing back all of the day’s events. Just trust me when I say don’t do it.

While Karly was getting ready with her and her bridesmaids, Rick arrived with his groomsmen to get ready in the groom suite located at Rosewood Farms. The AKP team spent the morning capturing detail photos, spending time with the bride and groom, and anticipating all of the excitement that lie ahead.

First Look

Shortly after putting on her wedding dress, it was time for Karly to meet up with Rick for their first look. Of course, as you could imagine Rick’s reaction was priceless as he saw his beautiful bride-to-be standing there before him. Always pack your tissues, my friends, you’ll need them. While I could go on and on about first looks, why you should have one, and if one might be for you, we would be here until Christmas. For a much more condensed version of this, check out this blog post here!

Rustic Maryland Wedding at Rosewood Farms

Karly and Rick really wanted to focus on being present with one another, while still soaking up all the beauty that Rosewood Farms has to offer. It’s typical for the AKP team to steal our couples (don’t worry, we return them) to take some portraits throughout the venue. Admiring the beautiful rustic charm of this wedding venue was a major plus, along with the 40 acres of lush property surrounding us.

Not long after, Karly and Rick’s ceremony inside Rosewood Farms Rustic Barn took place. Surrounding the walls of the barn are towering windows bringing in a ton of natural light. You are also greeted with grand chandeliers and two levels to get the maximum amount of space. I’m telling you, this space is absolutely breathtaking and so was the ceremony.


Karly and Rick were officially married and it was time to soak it up and live it up! While guests separated for cocktail hour I snuck away with the newlyweds for some golden hour portraits. We then met up with the remainder of the guests as we lined up for the reception. A night filled with sweet first dances, some killer dance moves, and of course a classic sparkler exit to end the night.

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Photography: Andrea Krout Photography

Venue: Rosewood Farms

Wedding Dress Boutique: La Bella Donna Bridal

Bridesmaid Dresses: Azazie

Tuxes: Men’s Warehouse

Hair & Makeup: Styled with Meraki  

Florist: Ashley Delsignore 

Cake: Desserts by Dana

DJ: EBE Entertainment – Frankie/Jack

Videographer: K&A Photo & Video

Officiant: Eamon Ross  

Planner: Olive Street Events

Caterer: Chesapeake Inn

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